Saturday, October 29, 2005


Liquidmetal: Redefining metals for the 21st century
Not quite T2, but still cool:

[Vitreloy] showed
massive strength: a one inch wide bar could lift 300,000 pounds,
compared to a titanium bar of the same size that could only lift
175,000 pounds. Although this material had super strength, it lacked
the attributes that make metals tough. Vitreloy, was more robust than
window pane glass, but still cracked.

Paul Kim improved Vitreloy's
toughness while giving it the flexibility to allow it to be made into
many different shapes. Now, the new line of Liquidmetal alloys is on
the rise.

This has been available for over 2 years and isn't everywhere? I'd think this would be great for manufacturing just about anything that was made out of metal, but maybe it's just starting, or people are looking to carbon nanotubes

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