Friday, October 14, 2005

Nanobombs for cancer

Scientists develop

"[Panchapakesan] believes the nanobomb holds great promise as a therapeutic agent for killing cancer cells, with particular emphasis on breast cancer cells, because its shockwave kills the cancerous cells as well as the biological pathways that carry instructions to generate additional cancerous cells and the small veins that nourish the diseased cells. Also, it can be spread over a wide area to create structural damage to the cancer cells that are close by."

This is the kind of wonderful things we should expect to see in the future from the intersection of biotechnology and nanotechnology.   As the biotechnology industry adds to their knowledge base of how the human body works, and the nanotechnology industry develops greater capabilities of creating , these two fields together have the potential to be a great boon to all mankind, with the potential to cure all diseases.  Of course there is also the possibility of their misuse, which could cause greater destruction than any nuclear war ever could.  Just imagine dispersing a cloud of this over a city, then activating them.  This is probably the most crude and least destructive thing that you can do with nanotechnology.

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